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UTRV Serving the Eastside Since 1997

Serving the Eastside since 1997

Glyn Abbot and Roger Higgins faithfully restored the beautiful Villa and opened Under the Red Verandah in 1997. As an urban oasis, it proved to be a success right from the beginning, with people travelling across town to enjoy the organic fare and hospitality.

Mandy and her Mum purchased the UTRV in 2005, and have run it ever since, albeit with some significant interruptions from the earthquake events in 2011.

After the earthquake, we temporarily moved into the adjoining cottage (which we now use as private dining rooms), serving our coffee and food out of compostable cups and plates and later into a purpose restored and repaired cafe in the old smithy. We saved the red verandah and some of the windows and doors and re-cycled them, giving the new cafe the same quirky feel as the previous one.

We will always be exceedingly grateful that we had strengthened our old building the year before the quake, so no one seriously injured in our building. While it was a sad day to see her come down, it opened a new chapter that for a awhile was named… Under the NEW Red Verandah!